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3 Indian celebrities who charge a fortune for every Instagram post

Instagram and celebrities have always been the deadliest combination for the world. The virtual rush is all about stars raking in obscene amounts of money per sponsored post, according to data released by social media management company Hopper HQ in its ‘2019 Instagram Rich List’.


The new bees, the legends and the popular hotties, all have ample millions of followers on Instagram. But, only Priyanka Chopra and the star cricketer, Virat Kohli feature on the global list and every post on Instagram demands a chunk of dollars.


According to the list, Priyanka Chopra, who has over 40 million followers, charges $271,000 or approximately Rs. 1.87 crores per sponsored post. Virat Kohli, who isn’t far behind in follower count with over 38 million following the Indian cricket superstar, charges $196,000 or approximately Rs. 1.35 crores for every sponsored post.


Apart from being a non-Indian, Kylie Jenner, an American celebrity and the world’s youngest billionaire is claimed to charge a mind-boggling $1.26 million for each sponsored post. And this is depicted as an increase of 27 per cent when compared to her charges in the previous year.


Alia Bhatt has a gigantic follower base on Instagram too. The actor reportedly charges around ₹ 1 crore for a single post on Instagram. Bhatt has more than 42 million followers on Instagram and is also one of the highest-paid female actors of Bollywood.


Next to world-class Facebook, the look good world, Instagram, glams the hottest celebrities’ pictures of brand promotions. In today’s era of social media, social media influencers make fortunes by charging a fortune per post.


As per the sources a renowned social media management company named Hopper HQ recently released an ‘Instagram Rich List’ which ranked celebrities as per the amount they charge for one sponsored post. The whopping millions per post can speak a lot of the recent fame Priyanka Chopra made with Baywatch and the series. Looks like Jonas’s’ married a global hottie.

Looks like only two Indian celebrities made it in the list, Priyanka Chopra and Virat Kohli have got the global heads spinning to them.








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