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A walk with Srikanth Bureddy – The Beaconing Lamp of Digital Space

As the wedding pictures follow, spotting you in Instagram stories of this wedding event on a fine evening, we would love to steal a few moments of your precious time to give your peers an insight of your life.

It seems to us that you paused your work life for this destination wedding?

Yes, sure I did. It is my best friend’s wedding…I have tried my best to be a part of all the celebrations…although I missed few events. Since few years I have taken aggressive decisions at work. Due to which, I barely found time for event this big.  I’m very happy for the lovely couple.

White & Denims! sounds familiar? That being your classic signature wear, how does it feel, to see yourself in a cultural attire for this event?

It was confusing at the beginning. Say, I did not understand the colours and their combinations. I tend to only understand Black, White and Denims. Really!Nevertheless, I reached out to my friend who is a designer Mr. Nitesh Chauhan. I enjoyed wearing it and most importantly I felt I was part of the beautiful wedding. 

“Life is better with true friends” as the saying goes, How important is “friendship” to you?

I would call it an “emotion” – it is important, any relationship is important to me. The bottom line is friendship to any relationship. I believe its’ always a two way call with friendship.

Bride: Purva Rana

Is it the dash of the Indian sentiment, or the grand celebration of the wedding. What is the most important thing in a wedding for you?

I am a practical person and live a practical one too. Yet, Kanyadaan is the most important and emotional part of the wedding.“Sangeet” brings many souls together which is the best part. Well, marriage is weaving two souls together, while wedding weaves families together.

Purva & Shrenik

How soon can we expect a dynamic seminar from you? And this time what could it be about? Should we have a wild guess? 

Soon enough! June! The event is held at Israel & few are in India (July & August) this year. It is mostly on the Mobile & digital.

When are you launching the most awaited project?

“Ufff!, we are launching this ‘Whistle’ “hyper local marketing” tool sooner..start with Indian market”.


What would be your perfect day? …

I enjoy working and seeing a day go just fine despite the challenges at hand. That is my perfect day.


Many Congratulations to Purva Rana & Shrenik Parikh.

Looking forward for more such subtle yet dynamic insights and inspiring interview from  our beloved Mr. Srikanth Bureddy 


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