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When Sanjiv Bhatt’s Pun Landed In Porn World

Bhatt seriously? Former IPS officer went a tad too far, mistakenly tagging a porn Twitter handle, in a tweet about the prime minister. Attacking PM Narendra Modi with his “FeKU” jibe, Sanjiv Bhatt posted what he intended to, but went completely off radar in conveying his ‘courtesy’. All he wanted was to call Modi “feku”.

He wrote, “Sardar Patel was the Iron Man of India. Modi is the Iron (Fe), Potassium (K) and Uranium (U) Man of India. In short, he is #FeKU.” Courtesy: @Pun_star. Oops! This is how a misspelling can boomerang badly.

Until Thursday, @Pun_star handle would have straight away taken you to a porn Twitter account, but it’s been suspended now.

This further provided trollers a juicy fodder for the day. They went all out to attack the former cop in a series of tweets. The original @Pun_Starr, mind you with double ‘r’, was quick to react: “Sir, you have tagged the wrong handle. Pls check who you’ve tagged in my place.”

Amit Malviya, head of BJP’s IT cell, too pointed out Bhatt’s tweet together with a message: Supercop tagging his super fantasies! Without any ‘pun’ intended, we wonder what fantasies Malviya was referring to.

In another tweet, @theskindoctor13 wrote: “Abe Boron (B), Holomium (Ho), Sulphur (S), Didymium (Di), Potassium (K), dekh to lijiye kaun sa handle tag kiya hai apne. Pakke Nehruvian nikle aap to.” @desh_bhkt tweeted, “LOL…..your courtesy is quite a pervert….. Modi ke against tweetne ki itni zaldi hoti hai ki these guys end up with foot in their mouth!!”

This is not the first time that Bhatt’s tweet has gone awry. A week ago, Bhatt posted a photo of men repairing wires on electricity poles, alleging that the picture was proof why PM Modi “viscerally” hates Kerala, which is battling the worst floods. However, it turned out to be the picture from 2016. India Today’s Fact Check team exposed the real picture behind the story.

Later, Bhatt admitted using an old picture, but he stood by his statement.


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