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Why Is Rummy Game Popular In India?

In our country, any get-togethers or celebrations are incomplete until the time guests don’t play a game of Rummy cards. It’s not solely a tradition but also a culture and whether it is children or grownups one might simply witness a stack of cards in anyone and everyone’s hand.

The only thing that changes is the version of the game where children indulge into something that they perceive and the elder ones play their favorite game of Rummy. Playing cards isn’t something new, however this is something that we’ve experienced since ages and we have seen our grandparents enjoying this game of cards. Currently we play with our friends and family and this torch of culture is passed on from one generation to a different.

The thing that has modified with time and generation is few rules of the games, however, there’s no amendment within the passion of this game.

Indian Rummy is analogous to different rummy games where a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4: six players can play the game at a time. Every player gets thirteen cards and if there is a pair of 2 or 3 players, then two 52-card decks and four jokers (wild cards) are used whereas if there are 4-6 players than 3 decks of cards is used.

Each player turn by turn deals with the cards in a clockwise fashion, and this makes the game fascinating as well as challenging where players need smart skills, sharp memory, calculation and observing power to be involved in the game. The object of the game is to make sets that are known as runs. Once a player is ready to form the required number of sets or runs he/she can declare his/her flip within the game.

With technology and availability of internet, the online version of Indian rummy has grabbed good attention and more number of players likes to play this Rummy game online.

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