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Why Is Rahul Gandhi Still A Bachelor?

There is no shame in owning up to the fact that we Indians are a curious bunch.  We want to know everything about everybody. Who else to pick better than the man with the dimples, Mr. Rahul Gandhi? Online Trading India is today investigating why one of the most eligible bachelor’s of India –  Rahul Gandhi is still unmarried.

As the last male of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and Prime Minister hopeful, he indeed has to find the right girl. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that Sonia Gandhi is facing a much harder task than Rajamatha Sivagami when she set out to find a suitable bride for Baahubali.

According to the man himself, he is married. (Gasp!) But to the Congress party. Bet you saw that one coming a mile before. Rahul Gandhi has been pestered by the Press about his wedding plans ever since he came to the spotlight in the early 2000s. In a 2013 interaction with his party members, Gandhi was heard saying that he did not want to marry and start a family. His logic being, “If I get married and have children, I will be status-quoist (sic) and will like my children to take my place.” Very noble of him considering the fact that the very thing he was denouncing had ensured his ascent to politics.

Why Is Rahul Gandhi Still A Bachelor?

According to his staunch followers, getting married is not a priority for him right now. His whole focus is now concentrated on forming a grand alliance of like-minded parties to defeat the Narendra Modi government in the 2019 elections.

Rahul Gandhi is an extremely private person. For so public a figure, Rahul Gandhi has somehow managed to keep his private affairs under tight wraps. In fact, he is quite known for evading even trivial questions about his personal life. But nosy parkers have been able to pry out tidbits about his love life after all. His chronic bachelorhood has not stopped rumormongers from entwining his name with one lady or other over the years.

Rahul Gandhi’s love stories – Real and Imagined

Ms. Veronique Cartelli

Back in 2004, a lot of rumors were flying around about RaGa’s Spanish girlfriend, after he was spotted with a sexy brunette at the 1999 India vs England world cup cricket match at Birmingham. Rahul Gandhi had met the beautiful Ms. Veronique Cartelli in Cambridge in the 1990s. She was again spotted holidaying with our RaGa in the Andamans. Several media outlets reported that she is his girlfriend and is of Columbian origin. Rumors caught fire in 2003, as she accompanied the Gandhi family to Lakshadweep and Kerala for their year-end vacation. The Week even reported that the couple were romancing in the backwaters of Kerala.

During the 2004 election, Rahul Gandhi finally opened up to Indian Express Journalist Vrinda Gopinath. He revealed that his girlfriend was of Spanish origin and was an architect and not a waitress as some media had reported. He clarified that if at all she were a waitress, he wouldn’t have any issues with that. Even though she is Spanish, she stays with her family in Venezuela. He also said that Ms. Cartelli was his best friend. Not much was heard about Veronique Cartelli since. Some gossip that RaGa has been happily and ‘’secretly” married to Veronique since 2013 and has kept the news under wraps because of security and privacy reasons. Phew! People and their imaginations!

Why Is Rahul Gandhi Still A Bachelor?

Ms. Noal Zaher

In June 2012, the Sunday Guardian reported that Rahul Gandhi was in a relationship the granddaughter of late Mohamed Zahir Shah, Ms. Noal Zaher. Zahir Shah was the King of Afghanistan from 1933 till 1973. He was dethroned by his brother in 1973 by a surprise coup while he was in Italy for medical treatment. Noal Zahir’s father Mohammed Daoud Khan Pachtounyar was the fifth son of Zahir Shah. He married an Italian woman and Noal was born in 1980. A lot of congressmen were in favor of Rahul Gandhi marrying an Afghan princess, as it was bound to bring in many minority votes. Alas! Nothing came of it and the beautiful Ms. Zahir is now married to an Egyptian prince befitting her heritage. The wedding took place in 2013.

Ms. Aditi Singh

A few months prior someone took to Twitter with the news of RaGa’s impending marriage with the daughter of Akhilesh Singh. The lady in question, Ms. Aditi Singh, also happens to be the youngest woman MLA of our country. She put an end to all speculations by clarifying that the news was fake and such news saddened her because RaGa is her ‘Rakhi brother’.

The real reason why he isn’t married

There are many who wager that the reason his marital status remains single could be political. Even though his father, grandmother, great grandfather were all prime ministers of India and there is no denying the fact that he is “half-Italian” through his mother’s side. Imagine the negative PR if he were to marry Veronique Cortelli. The opposition will have a field day and cause dissent in his follower’s mind.

Our country has scores of politicians and notable figures who have chosen to remain unmarried their entire life in lieu of service to the nation. A.B.Vajpai, Mamata Banerjee, Jayalalitha, Yogi Adityanath, are a few politicians we have today who has decided not to tie the knot after all. Unmarried politicians garner more respect and support than their married counterparts. Probably because a lack of family shows a lack of motive for nepotism and corruption.

Some of his vehement opposers have gone to the length of accusing him of being a homosexual. Sarcastically, a few are of opinion that no one in their right mind would give their daughter or sister in marriage to someone so incompetent referring to his many public slip-ups. He is not shy to admit he is not an expert on everything unlike PM Narendra Modi who according to him is a ‘know-all’.

There are several romantics out there who believe that he might be waiting for the love of his life. As if to cement their beliefs, while addressing a business gathering in October 2017, he was asked of his wedding plans by none other than boxer Vijender Singh, to which he replied, “I believe in destiny. Jab hogi, hogi. (It will happen when it has to happen).” To the 48-year-old dimpled man we just have one thing to say – “Hurry Up”.



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