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This Guy Dethroned King Khan In Branding

According to the most recent rankings revealed by pudding & Phelps, for the primary time, an athlete (cricketer) emerged because the most useful celebrity whole within the country. Indian skipper Virat Kohli dethroned screenland whiz crowned head Shah Rukh Khan from the highest spot. Kohli’s whole worth of $144 million grew by 56% in last twelve months however the larger reason behind SRK’s decline was the dip in his own whole worth. Crowned head Shah Rukh’s whole worth dropped by nearly 20% from 2016 to $106 million. This was despite Virat Kohli endorses twenty brands whereas crowned head Shahrukh promotes as several as 21.

virot kohli

“For the first time since we tend to begin business our rankings, SRK has slipped from the highest ranking and been replaced by Virat Kohli. Kohli is currently the primary alternative of brands to have interaction and attract shoppers, fuelled by his extraordinary on-field performances and off-field personal appeal,” Duff & Phelps MD and region leader –India, Japan and South Asia Varun Gupta said.

Shah Rukh Khan

This drop ought to function a warning call for Shah Rukh Khan who has been unsatisfying his fans along with his movie-script decisions for the last few years. One argument is that SRK is obtaining older whereas Kohli is that the rising sun. The Indian skipper not solely steered the team unbelievably over the last twelve months, however conjointly blossomed at personal level, each on and off the ground.

Shah Rukh Khan

What SRK must be reminded of is the circumstance that despite what number of cricket groups he owns or production homes he opens, fans can forever bear in mind and follow him for his acting skills. His showiness from the 90s that was the USP of hits like Dil Se, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Dilwale Dulhaniya Jaenge, has gone missing.

Poor script choice and reluctance to play roles that suit his age have price him additional.

Interestingly, the threat is additionally returning from the sports fraternity. From conducive 19% to the overall celebrity whole worth in 2014, sports celebrities currently contribute 25% to the general pie, with PV Sindhu and MS Dhoni conjointly includes within the prime 15 list.

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