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The UI/UX face with Srikanth Bureddy! – 15th Marketing Conclave! 

 “Let UX designers decide what they want to do. Don’t point finger at it” – Srikanth Bureddy ! 

Looks like the man has heard the creative voice say it all from his heart. Passion speaks before and for any work culture. Your work reflects you! The trends are often a matter of talks, likes and interests which are exceptionally temporary. But what is it that is constant and does go a long way? Here’s what the conference discussion looked like.

Sharing the insights of the brand to cover a 360-degree viewpoint on the same c. Srikanth nailed it at the very go with a small tap and owned the stage and the hour to his courtesy. The discussion set the stage on fire while unveiling the brand knowledge and it skyrocketed, this had the crowd brow up and nevertheless brought their hands together.

Srikanth Bureddy
He did take the UI/UX to the next level. Mr Srikanth Bureddy, Director of Valueleaf Services at the 15th marketing conclave, IAMAI.

The discussion intensified and covered the sea factors of,

  • How people move across different devices throughout the day and generate unique profiles
  • Finding content gaps with user data search
  • Using analytics to increase conversion rate optimization, improve customer experience, and win more business for your brand
  • How connecting offline customer records with online users can help marketers control brand communication.
  • Discovering strategies for putting data to work automatically improving campaign outcomes

The 360-degree brand view discussion almost did set the crowd flabbergasted. The turning page was no less than the discussion of UI/UX. This was no less at the edge of receiving fire shots from Mr Srikanth.

The Director of Valueleaf Services (a parallel agency), Mr Srikanth shared the stage and time with his valuable foot pointers to engage the crowd in the world of UI/UX.

Looks like through the discussion there were several flaps of UI/UX dimensions that unfolded. The doorway to knowledge was wide open at the very event under the UI/UX throwbacks!

15th Marketing Conclave

With the living experience, Srikanth agrees to disagree on the few aspects of the facts that the UI/UX platform has in store. To unfold the dimensions of designing the conversation intensify at some point. Mr Srikanth Bureddy adorns the design methodology, systematic design, case studies and design practice.

And you exactly know, the expected stream of words that flow from a person who holds an undue passion to such dimensions.





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