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Smartphones are hotcakes in Indian market!

Could you guess what is so hot selling next to the Masala Chai in India?

Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and of course your Facebook! We humans in India and sometimes few pets and then the children these days are obsessively playing with it.

Call it a day! I couldn’t share this without that but facts remain facts, I tell you!

In the past decade, mobile phone users in India crossed 581 million users in 2014 and has been on a steady rise over the last decade. According to a survey by e-Marketer in 2015, India is estimated to have over 800 million mobile phone users in 2019.

Here are some stats to help you understand!

  • Total Population of India – 1200 Million
  • Rural Population – 60% of 1200 = 720 Million
  • Urban Population- 40% of 1200 = 480 Million
  • Assuming 5 persons per Household in Rural Areas,
  • No of Rural Households= 720/5 = 144 Million
  • Assuming 3 Persons per household in Urban Areas
  • No of Urban Households= 480/3= 160 Million
  • In Rural Areas assuming 70% of the households are Above Poverty Line
  • No of Rural Households above Poverty Line= 70% of 144 =100 Million
  • No of Rural Households below Poverty Line= 44 Million
  • No of Phones in Rural areas= 100*2+44*1 = 244 Million


The combined market share of Chinese smartphone majors Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Realme (or HOVXR) attained its highest ever market share in India by cornering 42 per cent of the sales in the just concluded quarter.

Releasing these numbers for Q2 2019 on Wednesday, Counterpoint Research attributed those and the continuous ascent of the brands from the neighboring country to heavy marketing, faster portfolio refresh, high spec devices at aggressive prices and multi-channel presence.

These brands have been aggressively expanding outside China and achieving growth offsetting the saturation in their home market. Their strategies and product portfolios are more aligned to the local needs and preferences, which is one of their key strengths,” said Varun Mishra, research analyst at Counterpoint Research.

Smartphone’s addiction impacting health of adolescents

There are two questions that arise from the new way of using Smartphone’s:

  • The first is the issue of stress from constant connection to other people and decreased privacy
  • The second issue is whether his new way of being online is going to make people more present in the virtual world at the expense at the real world?

  • Assessment of overuse or problematic use can actually depend on one-time, self-reported behavioral information about Smartphone.

Tuning the Indian market to “Make In India” product has ample reasons to it, due to the turn of events and need the foreign products have flourished well in here and taken 24% seat of the Indian market. India is the hub of global development despite the global recession. There is extreme scope for many digital agencies, corporate industries and pioneering industries to have a profound future in the coming years.


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