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Pixel 3 Nightsight Gives iPhoneX A Run For Its Money

Pixel 3 is trending on Twitter these days and it looks like the Pixel 3 is challenging Apple and iPhone users yet again with the trending hashtag #nightsight.

iPhone camera is often touted as the best. Many are of the opinion that the iPhoneX camera is like a mini photo studio in the pocket. So far the only rivals who could measure up to the range of lighting options and extra effects of an iPhone camera have been Google Pixel and Huawei’s Pro Pro.
Google Pixel 3 has been rubbing the success of their #nightsight in Apple’s face with their ‘shot on their phone vs shot on our phone’ campaign on Twitter, in which they compare iPhoneX photo vs Google Pixel 3 photo of the same background in low light. The difference is incredibly obvious and the Pixel is a clear winner as the pictures look infinitely superior.

The best thing about #nightsight according to some users is that it lets you shoot stars. You can now capture perfect starry nights with the new Google Pixel 3.

Besides the incredible low light performance which is akin to magic, Night Sight mode improves the detail in a normal daytime photograph and provides good noise reduction.

Also, Google has built Pixel Night Sight to account for the natural movements of your hand as well as motion in the scene to ensure shots are still as sharp as possible. It’s impossible to account for all motion, but the feature is smart enough to adjust when motion is detected for a better end result.

Ever since Google released the Night Sight feature in Pixel 3, they have been extremely aggressive in their marketing tactics as they want to make smartphone fans understand the advantages of leveraging machine learning to balance colors instead of using any flashlight. Night Sight combines a burst of shots to give perfectly bright, sharp and non-blur image as a final result.

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