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Warren Buffett- The Name Carrying A Story

We live in a world where some people are poor, while some are rich. Then there are people who are extremely rich. Often, it is considered that most of the extremely wealthy people have inherited their wealth that they have today. This is barely true. Out of 100 people richest people on earth, only 23% of them possessed inherited wealth, rest of them are self-made.

Warren Buffett

A tale of success

Warren Buffett is amongst those self-made Billionaires. He is currently ranking as the 2nd world’s richest people as per the latest ranking by Forbe’s magazine. He was not born in a prosperous house and rather belonged to a lower middle-class family. Apparently, all he had was this will power of standing out and making fortune for himself.

Warren Buffett

It is said that he bought his first stock at the tender age of 11 about which he says he regrets for starting too late. This is what people term as enthusiasm. At the age of 14, he had bought a small farm from the money he collected by distributing newspapers in the locality.

Warren Buffett house

Promising Billionaire & Lifestyle of The Most

Despite of all his success and all those money, he still lives in the house which he had bought 50 years back. He owns a self-driven car, yeah, and not an automatic one. He is amongst the top philanthropist of the world as he has donated almost 85% of his wealth. He never uses a private jet, although he is the owner of the world’s largest private jet company.

Warren Buffett

Bill Gates met him 5 year before thinking that Buffett will be very busy so he arranged a meeting for half an hour. When met, Bill Gates got so impressed of Warren Buffett that the meeting went on for 10 years already. Certainly, we have got a lot to learn from Mr Buffett.

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