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How Car Owners Are Selling Their Car @ Best Price?

Selling Your Used Cars In Metro Cities Is Becoming Hassle Free… 

What You Get When You Show Your Car For Sale?
  1. Free Inspection from Expert Mechanics
  2. Instant Quotation For The Car, Which Is 20% More Than From Any Local Mechanic
  3. FREE RC Transfer
  4. Quick Money Transfer Into Your Account.

We bring exciting news to everyone who are bored of  the time consumption, multiple calls, random meetings, and the price haggling associated with selling a car. Now you can sell your car at best market value in a day. Yes, you read that right.

Why Big Brands Like Cars24, Carwale & Cardekho Pampering The Corporate Employees And Giving Higher Price Than Market?

These car buyers can get you the best price because most of them have long term contracts with manufacturers, car rental companies, leasing companies, who are on the lookout for used cars.

In India, we have a huge market for used car sales. People often purchase a used-car for specific reasons like learning to drive, keeping as a second car for business purposes and regular household chores among others. Indian professionals keep changing their cities and countries for jobs. Most of them end up selling their car before shifting base. An unorganized landscape peppered with greedy brokers, unscientific valuation procedures and above all a genuine lack of safe transactions has made the process really bothersome for those who wished to sell their used cars.

Click here to get a free evaluation for your car today!!!

The best feature of these online car selling portals includes the best price guarantee, instant money transfer and free vehicle ownership transfer.



Lakhs of Satisfied Customers Have Had The Best Experience By Selling Their Cars Through Branded Stores

Find out what happy customers have to say….

Got a big family? Its time to get a bigger car.

Mr. Mohammed Javed had a big family and he was driving a Maruti Alto. After his big promotion, he finally decided to put his foot down and get a bigger car.

He decided to sell off his small car. He started searching for a bigger car along with finding a buyer. He zeroed in on a Hyundai Creta within a few days. But no such luck with selling off his Alto. Every buyer was offering him next to nothing.

After researching online for a few days, he came across a used car selling platform that was claiming same day INSTANT MONEY TRANSFER.

“Even though that sounded like a bait, I still decided to give it a try,” Mr Javed said. “I was that desperate.”

To his surprise, he was able to sell his car the same day and the money was credited to his bank account without any delay.

The best part according to Mr Javed was that he no longer have to second guess the market value of his car. “Most of these enterprises provide a free evaluation for your car. These guys take care of almost all the legalities like loan closures and acquiring an inter RTO NOC if need be.”, Mr. Javed said.




Why change the tires when you can sell the car?

Miss Kavya from Chennai was tired of her old rickety Ford Figo. It was constantly running into repairs.

“I have had it up to my eyes,” Miss Kavya says. “That is why I decided to sell it.”

She wasn’t sure about how to deal with the chaotic used car market. So, she decided to take the easy route and sell it to a used car platform.

According to Miss Kavya, “Online used car selling platforms takes away the uncertainty associated with the process. Once you sign up with these car buyers, you can kick back and relax watching your car fetch the best market price.”

Tired of getting knee pain by driving a stick shift? Sell your manual car and get an automatic!

Everyone knows about the state of traffic in Mumbai. All the clutch presses from bumper to bumper traffic can cause leg pain to even a healthy person.

Mr. Baswan, a businessman from Mumbai had been driving a manual Honda City for the last 10 years. He was regularly getting knee pain because of the poor traffic in Mumbai.

“I have to travel a lot for business,” Mr. Baswan said. “My family has been insisting that I should get an automatic car.”

But he was putting off buying a new car for quite some time because being a busy businessman he did not have time to get the paper work in order. That is when he came across an online advertisement of a used car platform that provided FREE RC TRANSFER.

He immediately jumped at this opportunity. “I wanted the whole process to be quick and painless,” Mr. Baswan said.

He was able to sell his car within no time and get the full amount instantly. He is now the happy owner of a fully automatic Mini Cooper.

Mr. Baswan now recommends, online car selling platforms to all his friends. “Of late, increasing penetration of internet along with an advent of tech-powered services has massively changed the used car market of India,” Mr. Baswan said. “The used car selling platforms has done a great job in organizing this segment and bringing some order to the chaos.”

Mr. Saurav Thakur From Bengaluru Sold His Audi Q8 At Cars24. Did he get the best price for his used car?

Selling a luxury car or any other used car for that matter is cumbersome. This is exactly what happened to Mr. Saurav Thakur from Bengaluru.  He approached a few dealers for selling his Audi Q8. He had his eyes set on a Land Rover Sport. So, he wanted to sell his car off as quickly as possible.

All the dealers he approached gave him different quotes that was way below his expectation. “I was sure my car was worth more than what they were offering,” Mr. Thakur said. “That is why I decided to get my car evaluated at a branded store.”

His car had cost a fortune. It had super performance. So, was he right?

The used car dealer he approached did a FREE EVALUATION for his car and quoted a price more than he imagined. Today he is happily driving a Land Rover Sport, all thanks to the honest and exceptional customer service at Cars24.

Still unable to decide the best way to sell your car? Take a look at this!


It’s as easy as that

To start off, you have the option of visiting such websites – or calling their helpline number. You will be asked to provide basic details of your car like:

  • Registration number
  • year of make
  • model of the car
  • variant of the car
  • fuel type

Once done, you would be provided an appointment time and date when you could visit their branch and have your car inspected. Alternatively, you could also visit a nearby branch directly to get the process started. However, it’s always advisable to take prior appointment to ensure that you get attended to instantly and don’t have to wait.

The inspection engineers at will check up to 125 parameters of the car. The price of your car  will depend on the condition and usage of your car. They also incorporate market intelligence factors like the current demand and supply situation.



It’s so much better than Exchange offers and Classified websites

Some people love to stick with the tried and tested route of classified websites and exchange offers. The classified websites may show an inflated price for your car on their websites. This will fall through once you start to meet prospective buyers.

Sellers need to be extremely cautious of Exchange offers that sound too good to be true. Sales executives might offer a higher price for your used car and cheat you out of the discount you deserve.

Do not wait! Sell your car today!

When you are trying to sell a car it is never a good idea to wait for a better prospect, as you are losing value every day. Whenever a new model hits the market, the value of the current designs takes a dip. Once you have decided to sell your car, the best approach is to sell it as fast as possible. And these car companies help you to do just that.

Go cashless

The quick and easy transaction has made this the preferred mode of selling cars in India. You can get the cash transferred to your bank account the same day. A lot of satisfied customers are out there who have enlisted the assistance of reliable car buyers to sell their car. What would have been a long and dragged out affair was made quick and painless with their help.

No more paperwork struggles

According to customers who have used this service, the best feature is that they no longer have to worry about the paperwork. Sellers often lose time trying to get the paperwork done correctly. Enterprises that deal with selling used cars provide free RC transfer.



Still skeptical? Read the experience of Mr. Arun Singh from Hyderabad….

Mr. Arun Singh wanted to sell his used 2010 Maruthi Swift. This is how he summarizes his experience….

I thought of selling my car 3 months ago. I wanted to sell my used car and get a new car, preferably an environment-friendly one. I was under the impression that I will be able to sell my vehicle within a week and buy a new car in a month. But things didn’t turn out like that.

Week 1: I decided to put in an ad in online classifieds. I got a few calls from prospective buyers. You have to know that, being a car lover, I had treated my car like a family member. The car was in very good condition. Those who called me quoted very low prices. So, I decided to wait for a few more days.

Week 2: I started getting calls at all sorts of hours. Sometimes during office hours and once at midnight. It was very tiring. Some of them were quoting decent prices. I decided to meet them.

Week 3: Most of the people who turned up didn’t turn out to be serious buyers. I suspect a few of them were used car dealers. They were finding all sorts of faults with my car. A few so-called car experts knew absolutely nothing about cars. I was running out of patience by then.

Week 4: I must have taken a million calls and went on at least a hundred test drives. I had lost all hope by then. So, I decided to put everything on hold for a while.

Week 5: I had a potential buyer. We were able to come to an agreement about the price. It took me a few days for getting the paperwork in order. On the day of the deal, the guy calls me and backs off stating some silly reason.

Week 6: Another buyer came up. But I decided to leave that deal because there was some trouble with the details of transferring money into my account. I didn’t want to get cheated after investing so much time and effort into this.

Week 7: I decided to Google used car dealers in my area, as the online classified was clearly not working. I came across a platform that claimed free car evaluation and best market value. I was a bit skeptical but decided to try anyway. I booked an appointment and got my car evaluated on a Saturday. They offered the best market price for my car. To be honest, I haven’t heard such a good price in the last seven weeks. I decided to go for it. They transferred the money into my account on the same day. And took care of the RC transfer too. Wish I did this two months ago!!!


Selling used cars in India, is not a hassle for car owners anymore with the arrival of many used car buyers with strong online presence. These new age car dealers have the processes down pat like clockwork. You may also end up selling your car in a single visit.


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