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Patterns or Patents?



Nonetheless, Cambridge English dictionary shares her definition “ A particular way in which something is done, is organized, or happens ”. Well, artists view patterns in a different way and hence they end up painting canvases with unknown patterns.

One could also correlate patterns with boundaries set by ourselves signifying our limitations.  For a journalist patents the patterns, an artist only observes patterns and a doctor only saves the patterns of human embodiment.

Here is an incident. Formula one races are funded by private investments so that the racers don’t actually need to bring their own backup. Well, the way a runner-up and the winner view the race track is different. Though they both focus on the same racing track each racer has a different pattern of thinking or trick or turn to follow.


We often tend to not risk and rather go by the degree of comfort in the challenges and choose them accordingly. If our risks are not challenging enough and not putting us out of the comfort zone, you’re nothing less than enjoying yourself on luxurious cushions. You wouldn’t be blocking your journey but you would definitely fail to become the best version of yourselves.


Why taking risks is necessary?

At the openings of Ferrari formula one race, Maurizio Arrivabene, the team principal quotes himself, “The habit to win, it’s very simple”, he said in an interview. “If you are doing one-two it doesn’t have to be an exceptional event,” he said, referring to finishing first and second in a race. “It must be a habit, as I said. In that way, you are changing and you swap your mentality from a fighter to a winner.”

Taking risks brings a sense of empowerment and when you win the challenges placed against, you would push forward for more thus finding the best version of yourself in every step of your journey.

You would come across unforeseen opportunities that lie in the risks you take. Like our Dr Jordon Peterson from Canada says, “ during a bereavement, sure is a complicated phase, but isn’t it “the” situation when you got to stand up for yourself and lend that god damn shoulder to those around you, irrespective of the comments that try to demean your act, calling you insensitive”. What I understood from this is that there are always forces lined against you, preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself. 

When you encompass the risks at your hand and supposedly it sweeps you off your feet with its might. You’re granted but this time with more knowledge, pick those up and you will see the difference.

Teaches you to be alert and aware before you undertake a situation. And only this time, you would make a conscious effort to be better you at tackling the situation or the challenges.

When we become independent, we work with a collective thought process where you would start analyzing the situation from every angle. You take cautious yet bold and wise steps while dealing with the situation.

Discipline your thought process. This helps you create your reality. Try to think positive in most odd situations, it helps you revive the situation in very tough circumstances. It clears your mind and helps you think analytically.

As per evolution the body reflexes change and become more reactive to the stimuli thus pushing us to the higher hierarchy of the species kingdom. Though man is a rational animal, it is the resilience that pushes the thinking of going the extra mile.


Patent follows patterns. Ideologically, patents don’t exist.

The way we outwit our enemies in wars included patterns and schemes. Thus, came the patents after. Basically, when you look back at world history, Alexander, the great wished to conquer the world and he did with a huge title. History not only teaches but preaches the knowledge to question the existential.

Let’s understand when we acquire more of anything in particular we grow immune towards it.

We could go on about this, but let me leave the evolution part to you and let you purge through patterns over patents in our environment and within us.  


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