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Manners Makes the Investor- A Good Investor

Aren’t you an investor? Oh yes, you are! I bet you must have had or still having troubles while hitting the shot correct. Investing is all about keeping a calm mind and to remain focused to your target. But it does not work that way only. You are living in a society, right? You have your own circle, you have people taking care of you and there are people who you have to take care of. Somewhere, all these dots are connected with in you being a good investor.

good investment

Long story short, here I am penning down 7 points to help you become a better human being eventually leading to formation of a better investor.

  • Do not get sumped down by what your friends do and what don’t

Don’t let others define you. You can’t be! Try to build your own thoughts. Trying to please everyone could be fatal for your personal growth.

good investment

Likewise, getting influenced by others for what action you are taking is suicidal. Do not buy or sell stocks based on what your friends are performing. You do not know the realities.

  • Do not be in a rush to grow up and rise

When you were in lower grades, you always wanted to switch to a Pen from Pencil. Didn’t you? You were enthusiastic to be grow up and be independent. No when the time has come; don’t be in desperate haste to succeed. Some things take time; enjoy the transition.

good investment

Worrying over every investment that why it is not working well will only make you miserable.

  • Do not trick your time

All play and no work got Jack nowhere. The fine balance is difficult to achieve but who said life would be easy?
good investment

An average investor only earns a finite amount of money. You can assure yourself of least growth in revenue by NOT saving money. Do yourself a favour, watch two movies less in a month, skip an expensive meal at times.

  • Do not get too attached and too emotional

Do not get too attached to your friends, mates or belongings. This will lead you to nowhere. People who you think are your friends will change.

good investment

Similarly, do not fall with the ‘investments’. The atmosphere will change, views will change. Stocks and sectors which gave the fabulous performance in the past not essentially will last in the future.

  • Do not disrespect anyone

Respect all! Not only your parents, grand-parents. Respect your buddies, maid, teachers, drivers or even that random stranger you come across!

good investment

When investing, respect the opinion of those around you. Learn things from others. Be it a new intern in your office, your office boy or your fierce competitor.

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