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#InnovativeMillenials Vs #BoycottMillennials

After all the tech savvy operations and the ever-evolving tech gadgets, the mornings that pop a bling on your phone with “mobile#$%&*” plus. There is more to the world and the technology before you judge #BoycottMillennials.

With the Nirmala Sitharaman’s upright statements on the millennials today, turns out the wide-angle vision is saying something else altogether.

After the mindset views from our Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, when things in technology and natural calamities are at high pitch, take a second and pan out from the political agenda on sales and take a look at the shot where the China’s new invent had something to flaunt off #Innovativemellennials.

The drill held high risk that could serve a 10 men job. It fore performed a drill to put out the fire in China.

With drones ranging from tiny Quadcopters to big fixed-wing aircraft, they’re showing they can detect, contain and even extinguish fires faster and with greater safety.

During the first few minutes, between the time when a fire first starts and when it reaches a point of being out of control, is a containment window where only a few gallons of water or a few pounds of fire retardant is necessary to put the evil genie back into its bottle.

Using a fleet of surveillance drones, equipped with special infrared cameras, fires can be spotted during the earliest moments of a containment window, signaling a fleet of extinguisher drones to douse the blaze before anything serious happens.

How are Drones used in firefighting?

Firefighter Drones are sent to fire locations as scouts, using cameras with thermal imaging technology to help first res-ponders in their rescue efforts. … From wild land firefighting to burning buildings thermal drones can see through smoke and dark to detect the hot spots are and where the crew is.

Do firefighters use drones?

How firefighters are using drones to save lives. Unmanned aerial vehicles are being sent to fire locations as scouts, using gas sensors and cameras with thermal imaging technology to help first res ponders in their rescue efforts. … It’s not just for fighting fires.

Why do firefighters start fires to put out fires?

There are several cases of firefighters who start fires, a phenomenon officially called “firefighter arson.” … “Their main reason for lighting the fire is so they can appear as a hero, either by being the first to spot the flames, or by rescuing people and saving property,” says the report.

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