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Fantasy Cricket Is Taking India By Storm

In our country, cricket is akin to religion and with the passing years, the passion for the game is only increasing. A new flavor of the game, Fantasy Cricket has carved itself a nook in the arena of sports entertainment. Fantasy games boost your skill level and even lets you win real cash rewards & give a safe and secure platform to enjoy fantasy sports at your leisure.
The popularity of the Fantasy Cricket in India can be attributed to the unadulterated love for the game and the rapidly increasing number of internet users in our country. Fantasy Cricket is trending right now, and sports predictors anticipate that the Indian Fantasy Cricket industry is likely to touch 50 million users in the next three years.
While playing Fantasy cricket, each player can make a team 11, selecting players from a pool of 25 or 30. The players you choose would include batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers and the all-rounder players. Along with it, you also need to select the Captain and the Vice-Captain of the team.
The whole concept of this form of entertainment lies in selecting your dream team for any upcoming cricket match. Once you pick your team, you can join a fantasy cricket league and challenge other teams. Once the real-life match ends, the performance of the team players is evaluated, and points are awarded to the fantasy cricket team based on the selected players and their actual performance in the match. You will win prize money based on the points you accumulate. This makes the game all the more exciting.

Fantasy Cricket
Fantasy Cricket can be quite addictive and is just catching on in India and as such there aren’t too many fantasy cricket websites. Nonetheless, you can enjoy fantasy cricket, thanks to My11Circle. It allows you to play fantasy cricket on a daily basis and has quite a few attractive features like:

  1. Grand leagues involving huge money
  2. Fast and hassle-free withdrawal process
  3. Amazing User Interface
  4. Great customer service – Phone/Email
  5. Amazing offers and cashback

With My11Circle, the games will be running round the clock, and regardless of the time, there would always be a game to start with. The registration process for the game is quite simple. Players can connect with their Google or Facebook account or of course create a fresh account. The payment gateways are 100% secure and the winning account transferred right into the player’s account.
More than money, what makes Fantasy Cricket exciting is that you root for your players, no matter for whom they play. That makes watching games more exciting, including paying attention to matches you’d otherwise ignore.
Here are a few tips to understand the game better and play it to your advantage:

1. Choose players with consistent performance

Your team should have a mix of players who have a good reputation and few that can shock anyone on a given day.

2. Pay close attention to playing conditions

Understand that not all players can play equally well in all conditions. Leverage your knowledge about where the game is taking place and what are the pitch and weather conditions there. Once you get a good grasp of the conditions, choose your players accordingly.

3. Find a top-notch captain

It is very crucial to choose the best captain for your team. Preferably, your team’s captain should be an all-rounder because he can make it count with batting, bowling and even fielding too.

4. Pick your opening batsman and bowler wisely

You should choose your batsmen only from a group of specialist opening batsmen because they tend to score more runs. Also, pick your bowlers from a group of opening bowlers because they are more likely to bowl more overs & take more wickets. You can always rely on them to win more matches and points for you.

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