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Facts About Buffett Too Cult to Be True

Warren Buffett- a name with a never-ending story. Regardless of how holistically you study about him or explore his life, there would always remain pages unturned.

He is not only a pathbreaker in investment and finance. Rather, upon observation, you would find many lessons to learn from! You could even lead a happy and peaceful life following his methodologies. Following are the facts about him which could be served as teaching.

  • Buffett Is Giving Almost All His Money to Charity, And Not His Children

Yes, that’s true! Whatever he earns, a major portion of that goes on the name of charity. In June 2006, he announced that 85% of his wealth to charity. Long back ago, he said that he has this intention of ‘doing good’ and not just hoarding the money for the family and children.

‘There is no reason that the little Buffett’s should command the society just because they are coming from a better womb.’, he exclaims. Makes sense! His children support his decision.

  • Unique Love Life

Ugh! None is untouched of this thing called ‘love’. Even Buffett have had a very impressive yet chaotic life. He was not stable there whatsoever regardless of his financial status.

He got romantically involved with a woman Katharine Graham, publisher of the Washington even while he was in marital relationship with his first wife, Susie.

26 years after their marriage, in 1978, Susie moved to San Francisco without her husband. Surprising enough that Susie herself introduced her husband to Astrid Menks, a restaurant hostess in Omaha because she knew he need someone to take care of him.

Buffet later reflected that letting Susane go was worst decision of his life.

  • Buffett Hired the Man Who Paid Billions To Have Lunch With His

How about paying billions only to have lunch with someone? Well, there is this guy Ted Weschler, managing partner at hedge fund Peninsula Capital Advisors,  in this parallel space who paid $5.25mn to have lunch with Buffett. Moving forward, Buffett announced after this event that Weschler would soon be joining Berkshire Hathaway to run portion of the investment.

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