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Digital Space & Its Impact

Who better to put on the spot than someone who is in it from the start. Srikanth Bureddy has his insights on digital space as he is introduced to digital ecosphere from the inception.

Internet penetration is helping digital space to reach and enable the last person to see a rupee in more than one version. It is giving an altogether new growth to our economy and definition to our daily life.

After a long wait, Digital ecosphere has created a large number of entrepreneurs and is adding many young talents to support the eco-system. This is one of the smartest innovation which adapted and attracted early stage of many lives. It has changed the way we communicate, interact and build relationships or do business at each level.

Several qualities that one need to possess in order to be a good digital marketer is to be #Passionate, #Creative and #Methodical. These are the 3 basic characters which Srikanth sees as essential elements to be on the top of the game.

Any innovation or creation is not considered as an impact until and unless it impacts positively to the larger population, says Srikanth Bureddy

Any Innovation or Creation would be considered as a pure accomplishment when it optimistically impacts Farmer, along with Handicrafts, Healthcare & Education and other domains.




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