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The Changing World Around Us!

We witness development and experience it every day. The world is changing very fast than we expected. What we thought will happen in 2050, has already happened in 2015. So far, so good! Yet, are we in the right growth-path or we need to rethink about changing the world differently. Let us get more views on this from Srikanth Bureddy.

Development has become very subjective. Development for you may not be development for others. It should be always considered as a real development when there is no damage and more benefit for everyone.

Let’s work for a development where our elders appreciate us, and our children accept it, says Srikanth Bureddy.

Today, there are more than 30cr Indians sleeping with hunger, and almost 7000 dying of hunger every day. Do we need to consider whether development got a negative role for such scenario? We all need to reassess at development, once again, for faster corrections to avoid the inevitable damage.

Its everyone’s right to get basic three-times meal. Are we failing to fulfill the basic need, and witnessing so many hunger-deaths every day? Our farming production is increased but our employment in farming is decreased; are our farmers the main victim? 25% of the population is experiencing hunger-sleep every night.formers

We should rather think of a way-out for such dilemma where we can look at development towards protecting our natural resources. We should also contemplate over giving full authority to our farmers to be the owners of it. Can’t we remove the tag price of our Land & Water and give & express our divine respect and gratitude towards it? Let’s make the development towards three-times-good-meal for each of us.

Let’s come together and change the world once again before it gets too late!


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