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Abhinandan Varthaman’s Signature Moustache Making Waves In Social Media

The nation cheered as one and celebrated the return of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman last Friday after two days in Pakistan custody.

His show of unwavering bravery in front of the enemies has inspired us all. WC Abhinandan Varthaman is the first combat pilot in the Indian Air Force (IAF) to shoot down an F-16. He flew the first MiG-21 to achieve this feat.

According to the Prime Minister of India, the word ‘Abhinandan’ has assumed a new meaning. No doubt, the extraordinary poise and calm demeanor seen in the video released by his captors, had prompted the PM to say that the word ‘Abhinandan’ which meant congratulations until now will stand for strength.

What a man! And, more importantly, what a moustache!

He has become an accidental trendsetter for a whole bunch of Indian men. Honoring the Indian brave heart, many are copying his iconic moustache. The unique design, which joins the style of a gunslinger-styled moustache with a mutton chop beard, is now known as the Abhinandan throughout India.

Social media is buzzing with Indian men sharing their best looks with WC Abhinandan’s signature moustache. The full handlebar moustache has become symbolic of the bravery of

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Undoubtedly, he has emerged as a hero and a brand. Naturally, everyone wants a piece of it. Even companies have joined in the frenzy of celebrating this national hero. Amul on March 1 paid respect to the returning pilot through its signature cartoon.


The dairy giant tweeted a clip as a part of the brand’s signature “Mooch Nahi Toh Kuch Nahi” campaign with the caption “#Amul Mooch: To Abhinandan from Amul!” In the tribute video, men from all walks of life are seen twirling their Abhinandan moustaches. It ends with a little girl drinking a glass of milk that leaves behind a creamy moustache.

Apart from his looks, the answer he gave to Pakistani army seeking sensitive information – “I am not supposed to tell you that” – has also become an internet sensation.

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