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Mutual Funds For SIP In India Starting From 2018

Possible top 3 different Mutual Funds theme for 2018 would be as such:

  • Infrastructure: Infra is probably the biggest investment theme in the market now. The Bharat Mala scheme, growing need of Roads, Power, smart cities, Affordable housing would make this red hot in the coming time. Aggressive investors should definitely invest into Infrastructure related mutual funds. A good option includes something where you can explore the same here and invest as well.

infrastructure mutual funds

  • Large Cap: the next rally would come through Large Cap stocks and my favorite fund in this space is Kotak Select Focus fund. Here also, a good funding space is where you can explore and invest as well.

large cap

  • Small Cap: With the new SEBI guidelines on Mid cap funds restricting fund selection in the Mid cap space, I think small cap category becomes very interesting. Reliance Small Cap is my favorite in this category. It’s also the top ranked fund in our ranking. You can explore the same here and invest as well.
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