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10 Personal Facts About Personal Finance

  • Get a job that gives you paycheck

Getting a job teaches you so much about finance, discipline and consistency.

Paycheck job


  • Do not let your expanses expand to your income

Save at least 50% from each paycheck. I repeat, 50%.

Expenses vs Income


  • Read as much as you can about financial education

Most people find it boring. Figure out if personal finance is boring to you; if it is, you will not be bored.

Finance reading


  • Invest your saved money learned from your reading

Everyone is knowledgeable about something that they are passionate about. Discover that for yourself and invest wisely.



  • Understand that even if you are right, you can still be wrong

There is hidden feeling in all kinds of products. Understand the purpose and make your way clear.

You can be wrong too,at times


  • Understand that you are no less qualified than even the financial professionals

Looking up to the financial ‘masterminds’ may be intimidating. But, most of them work their butts off and that’s how they made it. So just put your head down and work.

You can be wrong too,at times


  • Time and Technology changes, but cycle remains the same

It’s a common thing to say, “Oh this time it’s different!” Yes, there will be new technologies & break-throughs, but market always reverts to its mean. Everything is cyclical.

Cycle remains the same


  • Figure out the balance between your happiness and your financial success

If you are not happy pursuing a financial goal, you will not be able to achieve it. Make sure you are consistently happy throughout the journey, or it may turn into a nightmare.

happiness VS success


  • You may NOT have a great start and that is completely okay

Looking at the richest people in the world, we see a lot of very educated and smart individuals. But there are people too who didn’t even graduate and yet they are massively successful in the financial world.

Its okay to have a bad start


You may have a steeper hill to climb, but you can get to the top.

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