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Innovative Millenials - Drone Camera
#InnovativeMillenials Vs #BoycottMillennials
After all the tech savvy operations and the ever-evolving tech gadgets, the mornings that pop a bling on your phone
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5 Best Alternative Investments – 2019
  Most people think of investing as buying stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The more adventurous might think about a real
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Valueleaf Services, The Best Agency Award!
Honored with the best agency award for the year 2018, Valueleaf Services Pvt Ltd is humbled and folds its sleeve
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Law to strengthen Anti-terrorism agency.
      Since the Pulwama attack and before that when several places such as the Mumbai railways, Banks of
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Freedom of Speech
Freedom comes with a fee of responsibility. On the simple term, Freedom of speech and expression is the right to
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Here boy!
They are not just the most adorable creates but they’re sensitive to their environment too. A thing of beauty is
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Patterns or Patents?
    Nonetheless, Cambridge English dictionary shares her definition “ A particular way in which something is done, is organized,
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Mona Lisa; 500-year-old beauty of mystery
Monolisa is a beauty of mystery. A piece of art which charmed the woman’s beauty into a canvas. Even her
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Hurry Up Before Your Pan Card Becomes Invalid!!!
Citing the PAN is compulsory when filing Income Tax returns, tax deduction at source, or any other communication with the
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Qualities Of An Unsuccessful Vs Successful Trader!
To become a successful trader, you need to understand the common pitfalls and learn to avoid them. If you study
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Know These 7 Tips To Get The Best Quote For Your Car Insurance
Knowledge is power. Especially when you are looking for the best rate while shopping for car insurance. A little caution
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Hindu Community Angry At The New Hindustan Unilever Advertisement Mocking Kumbh Mela
The latest Red Label advertisement which was meant to be heartwarming has backfired in the face of the parent company
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Abhinandan Varthaman’s Signature Moustache Making Waves In Social Media
The nation cheered as one and celebrated the return of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman last Friday after two days in
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War on Terror or War on Pakistan? What does India need right now?
Valentine’s day this year, a day which should have been dedicated for the celebration of love had been tainted with
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Famous CEOs/Officers Who Take Rs. 1 salary & Why Do They Do It
CEOs usually get paid lakhs & crores of rupees. To give you a taste, the CEO of Broadcom, Hock Tan,
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Should National Anthem Be Played In Movie Halls?
Should National Anthem be played in theaters has been a hot topic of debate since the honorable Supreme Court of
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Fantasy Cricket Is Taking India By Storm
In our country, cricket is akin to religion and with the passing years, the passion for the game is only
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Financial Impact Of Closing A Credit Card – All You Need To Know
Having a credit card can become a blessing and a curse by the way you wield it. Using it responsibly
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How To Use Credit Cards Responsibly Without Running Into A Huge Debt
Avoiding debt while using a credit card can be very tricky. People often get carried away by the concept of
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International Mens Day – We need to celebrate our men too..
This International Men’s Day, lets show some love. International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day are celebrated with much glory and
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Facebook Messenger Now Has WhatsApp Unsend Feature – Learn To Use The Feature
You can now take back your words. Literally. Facebook Messenger has a new feature now that lets you do just
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India’s First Bitcoin ATM Shutdown By Police
Just days after Unocoin installed India’s first Bitcoin ATM kiosk in Bengaluru, city’s cyber crime police registered a case against
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Four Big New Features Added To The Whatsapp
Whatsapp has issued a new update for its iOS app adding features such as support for the newly-launched iPhone Xr,
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used car
Looking To Sell Your Used Car Or Buy A New One? Don’t Wander Around, Just Log On!
  Sell Your Car In  A Jiffy – Get Your Hands On A New One – Just As Easily! From
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