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“Save money and money will save you”

This holds good for not just money but other factors that involve survival. The habit of saving fosters not just growth but a sense of responsibility. How sweet is it to find out that you had 2000 bucks stored long ago underneath your couch and it now surprises you as prize money?

The art always takes the room in not the way you earn your money but in keeping it. In this fast forward life pace, would you rather be slowing down on that thrift and instead add meaning to it.

Better yet,

  • Make sure you buy your groceries in bulk so that it serves for longer and you could avoid the extra expenditure on that new product when you visit the store very often.
  • “Time is money” heard of that phrase? Imagine your every hour of the day is worth 20 dollars. Beat this, you would get productive the next minute.

  • And you do get productive for the good as it will help you understand the need to take the responsibility of your life and your bills.

  • “Cook your own food!!”, classic law that will help you maintain your health and save money from spending on the unhealthy dishes out there. After all, you could have a cheat day in a week or a month.

  • “Less is more”, you might be better off with your economic status but resources belong to everyone. So help and educate your friends to not waste food and money without a purpose.
  • Plan your investments wisely, better off with good interest rate in the market.

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