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Hack the 9 low budget ideas to make this valentine’s day truly special!

Low Budget Valentines Day Ideas: Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show your loved ones how much they mean to you, and it doesn’t even have to cost much. Loving in tough times, and what it really means to love one another all comes from art the giving. Like a great old man once said, one can receive without caring but one cannot care without giving.

It seems difficult, this act of offering love to all. If not, may we at least spread love to the loved and least loved.

Here are five ways you can make your loved ones feel special without breaking the bank.

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  • Unwrapping time with your love

As silly and inexpensive as it sounds the real gift one can gift to anyone is their time.

We could crawl through the streets and scroll through the e-commerce websites to

spend a dime to make your valentine special.  A walk, a brief talk, a movie together or even gardening (as bizarre as it sounds).

Keeping it simple, makes you tension free and makes them special for having spent the time with you.


  • A gift after the valentine

Just like Christmas and Halloween, Valentine’s Day merchandise goes on sale the day after the holiday! If you don’t mind waiting a day, you can save big on store discounts.

One can usually find the gifting items like chocolates, teddy bears, toys and a lot more to name, marked down to half price at your local pharmacy or grocery store. If you wait a couple more days, the prices might get marked down even lower.

  • Trying something new

This is a unique trick to expand and lay hands on your relationship, to the person better with a new experience. Dine-in a different unique place.

Better yet, pre-booking a table in a dream restaurant, can reduce your cost and increase your value on the perfect night of Valentine’s Day. It is usually ten times more difficult to find a place on Valentine’s day.

To avoid the crowd and the cost, wait until February 15 to go out for dinner. Love will still be in the air, but more coins will be in your pocket.

  • The creative punch

Remember when we said it’s the thought that counts?

It’s true!

If you have an inside joke between you and that special someone or you know just what will make them smile, make a gift that reflects oneself. One can write a poem, make a card, create a picture collage and more!

Sometimes, being creative will get us more bonus points than spending a ton of money. Especially if you personalize the gift.

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  • Who says you have to go out to eat

If you want to avoid going out to eat all together, cooking your own dinner is always an option that saves loads of cash. The groceries you purchase can usually last for more than one night.

Plus, you and your lover, friends or family can bond while you prepare your meal. Making dinner together is a great way to bond and make memories with your Valentine.

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