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Research talks otherwise on today’s freelancing jobs.

Freelancing jobs can actually add 0 value to your resume! According to the research, a 9-5 job role has umpteen number of challenges and learning unless your career demands it. The point with 9-5 job is the measure of productivity that is clocked in hourly.

Revolving around the paycheck can actually bring down the work motivation, freelancing on the other end has more convenience. There are so many upright disadvantages associated with a freelancing job.

Being a freelancer sure beats the constraints of a regular corporate 9-to-5 job, but as they say, freedom comes with a price. So many of us may have overrated the ‘freedom’ that is associated with freelancing without properly considering what we may have to give up in place to attain that.

Let us cover why freelancing can more of a disadvantage:

  1. No benefits

The biggest bummer of all: you’re not getting any medical coverage, paid sick days, paid leave, retirement savings and many other common employee perks and benefits if you want to take up freelancing as your latest career move.

  1. Expectations crash down

Freedom does not equal flexibility. The fact remains that it’s the clients who will decide when you are supposed to be working.

They’re the one who set the deadlines, who can make changes at the last minute, and some expect you to reply to them any time they need answers. Be less than available most of the time and you risk losing returning businesses.

  1. No work-life balance

No regular working hours and no distinct work locations make freelancing an inseparable part of your life. You don’t get to stop taking calls from clients after 5 p.m. every day. Work is where your laptop is and can start at any time of the day (or night!).

  1. 23/6 on-call can be frustrating

Demanding clients expect you to be available when they have questions about the project. If you can’t handle the idea of being contactable at any time of the day (even ungodly ones), it’s better for you to reconsider making this your next career move.

  1. Expecting an ideal vacation

Faced with the irregularity of working hours, unrealistic expectations by demanding clients and sometimes very tight project deadlines, taking a proper vacation might be a challenge. You’ve to accept that you might still need to reply to emails and do some work while on vacation in Bali.

  1. So close yet so far

You get to bring your laptop anywhere and still work, but regardless of what environment you are in, you still have to sit in front of a machine (and preferably a desk) if you are going to live life as a freelancer. Unlike, the work at the office where everything has got its place of value meetings, calls, discussions, tasks, research, etc.

  1. Missing out on social life

For the general public, it’s not surprising to have worked as the primary source for social activities, seeing as how we spend more than 8 hours at work. But as a freelancer, be prepared to face a social ‘drought’ as you’ll be working alone most of the time.

  1. Easily distracted

It’s not multi-tasking when you are being pulled away from the real work. Try to remember that the next time you feel like answering your personal email or social networking messages in the background of your project. And since it’s a one-man (or woman) show you’re running here, you have to be well-organized to cover all aspects of your business.

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