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Karnataka government to take action against Bengaluru schools!


With the rising cases of Covid-19, the state government has announced indefinite holiday ranging from primary schools to higher primary in Bengaluru.

Thought the punctuality of the school and the syllabus completion is in question the schools have to remain closed until the government revokes the orders. Dismissing the government orders and running the schools over individual calls was recently noticed.

The government has taken note on the schools which are not following the orders laid on account of coronavirus outbreak. The information was brought to table about several schools across Bengaluru. Especially, the classes conducted to the primary students sought the education minister’s attention. S Suresh Kumar, the education minister, has focused his attention on these schools.

Curiously asserting the cases of COVID – 19, looks like the children are exposed to the ill and dangerous Coronavirus because of the school’s negligence in following the orders. Thought the govt had declared n number of holidays to the preschool, primary school and up to standard 5, the stake was high due to the school managements.

Tracking those that were function, the government tool serious note of the lapses of the schools’ management. However, the education minister Suresh Kumar has received reports from the principal secretary of such schools.

The state department of Pre University Education has taken all preventive measures to avoid the spread of Corona virus during the ongoing Second Pre-Uuniversity examinations and ensured that only 20 candidates will be accommodated at each class exam hall.

Considering it seriously the department has reworked the allotment of register numbers/students at each exam hall and wherever there were more than 20 students, the same has been re-allotted by taking another class room.

State primary and secondary education minister S Suresh Kumar said this during his visit to examination centres in Bengaluru on Saturday. “We have even allowed students to attend exams by wearing masks. And also ensured that only 20 students accommodated at each of the examination hall.”

Schools preponed summer vacations

Several city schools have decided to prepone the summer vacation this year following the Corona outbreak and declaring holiday two weeks early. “We have taken this measure to avoid any such incidents and there will not be examination for students between kindergarten to primary. We are closing the academic year early,” said Dr B Gayethri Devi principal Little Flower Public School located in Banashankari.

D Shahsi Kumar, general secretary of Associated Management of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka said, “Some of our member schools sought advise about declaring early holiday and we have advised to close down classes upto primary level.”

Fumigation on at schools

Following the Corona outbreak several city schools have started fumigating class rooms and wash rooms this week end. “We used to do fumigation earlier too, but now we have increased the same to twice a week,” said Gayethri Devi.

No positive cases

The state health department said that there has been no positive Corona cases as of now. Around 525 persons are continuing home quarantine and nine persons are admitted in select isolation hospitals. Out of the 400 samples of symptomatic persons are sent for testing and 326 samples are reported negative and remaining 74 results are awaited.



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