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How To Start Investment In Stocks In India

Possibly, investment in your personal investing education is the greatest investment you could form right now. Investment in stocks can be a fruitful and enjoyable journey and you are off to a great start by asking questions and seeking advice.

The first thing we want you to hear right now is: BE PATIENT

Investment in Stock in India

We encourage you to focus more on learning early on and when you do start investing, do so slowly and with small amounts.

If you are keen to dive in now, laying your money in an ETF like “SPY (that’s the stock symbol)” could be a good idea. This will invest your money in a fund that matches the S&P 500 so it will basically do as well as the stock market. Below chart will give some insight into how that can be helpful:

Investing in stocks

You can see that usually; the S&P 500 has been a solid way to invest. Note: This means that you are also vulnerable to any overall market crash that could take place. We say this to remind you that there are no guarantees of safety. However, SPY can be a great option to put your money while you are learning and
working to grow as an investor.

Also, there are lots of resources and opinions out there, some really great and a lot that are either really bad or of little value.

You’re going to be tempted to jump in and get excited when other people are excited than worried when other people say to be worried. Until you can learn some discernment to sort through all of the opinions out there, you need to refrain from investing any notable amount of money.

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