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India speaks to ban all the 250 Chinese apps!   

 Over a year ago the PUBG mobile controversy was a real deal to the Indian government. Though the govt tried to ban it many times, due to the addictive nature as that of a drug.

It came down to forcing mobile users to stop playing PUBG. Yet, few youngsters were caught red-handed by the cops during the ban. It was primarily banned in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara and Bhavnagar in India


What exactly is PUBG mobile?

It is a mobile whose genre is Battle Royale game i.e. developed by PUBG corporation. The game is compatible with PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Mobile (smartphones). The game starts with 100 players stranded on an unknown island, each player having to fight for survival. The last person surviving the battle is the winner.

Since the game is quite fast-paced, the youngsters enjoy it like it more, as a title in the game called “Chicken Dinner” is given to the survivor. The game is popular because of its safe zone collapsing & elements like red zoning.


The PUBG controversy

Apparently, the reasons remain still cold as to why PUBG Mobile was not banned along with TikTok. The speculations that fled by the media is to ban the current Chinese apps.

PUBG Mobile genre is from Battle Royale that was developed and published by a company named, Bluehole.

This company is located in South Korea. They have partnered with Tencent Games that are willing to launch the mobile version of the game. Since the present PUBG Mobile is compatible with PC, X – Box and video games.


Does PUBG mobile belong to the Chinese?   

Though much has been said and related to Chinese, this app more to it than just speaking of Chinese base app. Since the second version of PUBG Mobile was developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio, both games were absolutely free in the Chinese market.

On the other hand, Battlefield had a better response than Army Attack, which made it easier for the PUBG Corporation to launch the latest version internationally.



Since the talk is halfway there and not yet on the bid to stopping the app any sooner. It is safe for a certain time period. However, fun the game is people connect with others these days who common interest in gaming too. Who would like a normal meet up and who does have the time to reflect on their self-awareness and self-care routine? It is totally under your discretion to ignore the faulty standards of this game or continue to welcome more such whopping mind-energy games to unsettle your lives in a different way.


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