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 She Cracked all the Loans With This Credit Mantra!

Credit Mantra: Facing the world with a bad credit score can be very difficult but that isn’t the end of the world. One can easily take steps to improve credit score from scratch and in between.

All one needs is pro-active planning and this article articulates about a credit score success story that made all the heads turn. Hopefully, this insight helps as many as who want to avail the loan.

Smitha Josh, a working woman from Noida, had to clear the above debt and she had her credit score somewhere at 500s. Thriving to clear the debt, she was left with Rs. 12 Lakhs car loan & Rs. 10 Lakhs of student loan.

But here is how her story took a brief turn…

She prudently kept on paying the loan instalments regularly without wavering from consistency and what came forth was in her favour. In her own words, “I’ve remained consistent with this practice of paying instalment loans on time each month and paying my cards off,”.

Despite the internet floating with horror facts about credit score and people losing it easily with time and payment methods. A woman from Noida foresaw that she could be seized from using her account balance as her account was almost into bankruptcy. She had an outstanding debt of Rs. 66,00,000/-.

The fact…

The random news sources airing a few floating news of drugs, teenagers and alcohol with drug abuse, more so internet is littered with tragic tales. Or even, wilfully ignorant consumers tanking their credit scores and ruining their chances at owning a home or being financially successful in any way, shape or form.

But the truth is, you can always come back from a bad credit score.

Often miss out the link, that credit card shopping, taking out an irresponsible loan, can lead to an out of hand decision. The reverse journey to build up the credit can be not that easy but can be done.


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