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China’s Take over Anti-China Sentiment in India

Chinese companies operating in India should be alert and take steps to avoid being hit by anti- China sentiment following tension between the two nations over the border standoff in the Sikkim section, a leading official newspaper here warned today.

An article in the Global Times called on Chinese firms to reduce their investments in India in view of the tension. Citing the sentiment that swept Vietnam in 2014 when many people were killed in riots after media reported that China fired water cannons at a Vietnamese vessel to frustrate moves by Hanoi to stop China’s resource extraction in the disputed South China Sea, the article said violent attacks against Chinese interests may happen in India “if the two countries see even small-scale military tension at the border.”

Another article in the daily known for its nationalistic views tonight said, “many people believe Indian nationalism led to the country’s independence from British rule decades ago but now it is gradually evolving into an internal factor behind the anti-Chinese sentiment, which is fuelled by ethnic and religious factors.”

Quoting reports of Shiv Sena activists burning Chinese flags on the streets after China blocked India’s membership bid of the elite Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), it said, “India’s territorial issues can much more easily stir up local people’s nationalistic feelings.”

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