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Buddy Loan – The New-Age Loan Aggregator!

Outnumbering and satisfying the objectives of the customers that are in sync with Buddy Loan looks firm with its foundation. Buddy Loan is a (personal financing) loan aggregator that acts as a bridge between loan providers and people seeking loans.


Standing as the recently launched loan providing platform, Buddy Loan has set a record of having over Rs. 180 crores worth of loans approved in just 60 days in India. After crossing the initial objective, looks like Buddy Loan has higher agendas and benchmarks to set ahead of the curve.


Buddy Loan flashes a beautifully engaging website that is not only easy to navigate but is also minimalistic when it comes to following a loan application procedure. With the quickest process in place, it stands out that Buddy Loan offers a quick sanction and has the highest loan approval rate in India.


This aggregator offers varying types of loans from as low as Rs. 20,000 to as high as Rs. 15 lakhs at interest rates starting @ 11.99% p.a. This helps loan seekers roll through the problem with comfort and grace. To expand the benefactor, the loan repayment tenure stands flexible and extends from 6 months to 5 good long years. All of this with minimal documentation and maximum ease.


With the consistent increase in the number of loans approved and disbursed, Buddy Loan has been continuously evolving and rapidly growing with an objective to not only fulfil personal financing needs but also manifesting the individuals’ dreams and ideas with high acceptance rates.  In other words, Buddy Loan acts as bridge to turn people’s dreams into reality by helping them get a loan when they need one.

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