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Assets Declaration: Know The Bank Details of PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared his assets and liabilities, along with his cabinet colleagues. As of 30th June 2020, his wealth is around Rs. 2.85 crore and in 2019, it was Rs. 2.49 crore of assets. This rise in wealth because of his bank balance and addition in the value of fixed deposit accounts. . His FD increased to Rs. 1,60,28,039 as of June 30, 2020 from Rs. 1,27,81,574. The rest of the PM’s assets remain the same. 

PM Modi owns a house in 401/A in Gandhinagar Sector-1, Gujarat worth Rs 1.10 crore at the current value. This plot was purchased in October 2002. It is in an area of 3531.45 sq ft. and has 3 other joint owners, having an equal share of 25%. Also, he has an L&T infrastructure Bond (Tax Saving) worth Rs 20,000 dated as of January 2012 but has not reached maturity. 

Prime Minister Modi has not taken any loan in his entire life and he doesn’t own a car or motor vehicle. He has four gold rings weighing approximately 45 grams worth Rs. 1,51,875. And he has not invested in equities.

PM Modi saved taxes of Rs.8,43,124 through the National Savings Certificates (NSCs) and paid a premium of ₹1,50,957 for his life insurance. All these data are as of FY 2019-2020. 

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