Tax Disputes: Here Is Something That Is Hurting India
If all goes to plan, the Cairn Energy Plc settlement against the Indian tax authorities $4.4 billion tax demand—$1.6 billion
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What’s Up Between Finance Ministry & RBI On Oversight Committee
There appears to be a communication gap between the finance ministry and (Reserve Bank of India) RBI on a specific
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Here Is How Arun Jaitley Can Fulfil PM’s Dream
Budget 2018 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has time to time asserted that India needs to rely more on renewable energy.
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Cryptocurrencies That Are Way Better Than Bitcoin
Virtual currencies have immensely caught the imagination of investors across the globe in the previous few months, especially with the
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Salil Parekh All Set To Take Over Infosys
Salil Parekh to take over as the MD, CEO of Information Technology (IT) major of Infosys EOD today. He was
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2017: An Year To Remember For Indian Market
The Indian market has rallied to be one of the top performing ones in the world in 2017. The reasons
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Deal In Bitcoin? Here Is A Warning For You
Today, the Finance Ministry alerted that virtual currencies are not legal proposal and such currencies have no protection. Noting that
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Note Ban
India To Borrow Rs50,000cr More. Is It Note Ban Or GST?
The government, for some time, has backed the two “shocks” it brought to the Indian economy: Note Ban (Demonetisation) and
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Is Rajinikanth Entering Politics in 2k18?
Superstar Rajinikanth is on a fling to meet with all the fans possible. In a six-day event leading up to the New
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How Did TCS Bag $2.25bn Nielsen Deal
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has lately possessed a contemporary $2.25-billion contract from its current client, world TV rating measurement company
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This New Big Thing About Demonetisation Has Been Said
It is challenging to identify the impression of demonetisation on the economy as the development depends on many factors, the
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India’s Financial Sector Facing Considerable Challenges
India’s Financial Sector has to strengthen Reserve Bank’s independence therefore on facilitate it pro-actively supervise banks and tackle with problems
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Bitcoin: Amitabh Bachchan Also Rode The Wave
You might be hearing concerning Bitcoin a bit too much currently. Due to its unforeseen meteoric rise in price. In
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Central Bankers Declined Farm Loan Waivers
With the farm loan waivers pitch getting sharper by the day, former RBI governor Y V Reddy today said the method isn’t smart
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RBI on inflation
RBI’s Take On Rising Inflation
After trade inflation surged to a 15 month high of 4.88% in November, a lot of more than RBI’s medium-term
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Enough With Bitcoin. What About Indicoin Now
The euphoriant rise in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has been verbalised not simply in India but across the world too. Several specialists
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Valueleaf Ranked 19th in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India
Deloitte released the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2017, an annual ranking of the fastest growing Indian companies in the technology,
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Yogi Adityanath
New India Formula? – On The 15th Finance Commission
The Centre has affected rapidly to inform the presidential order putting in the Fifteenth Finance Commission, among 5 days of
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N.K. Singh
New Panel To Study Impact Of GST
Post all the chaos of GST release and its impact, Indian Finance Commission will be sitting with a new panel
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India's bonds
Feel-Good For Indian Bonds Lasted A Single Day
The feel-good element lasted merely one single day. Indian bonds rushed last Monday, with 10-year yields dropping the maximum in
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India's EBRD Membership approved
Cabinet Approves India’s Membership for EBRD
The Union Cabinet nowadays approved India’s membership for European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), a move which can facilitate
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indian stock market
Indian Stock Market To Look After Global Affairs For Further Triggers
With quarterly results season returning to associate finish, Indian stock market can take cues from world events for more triggers, with
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Investment of Indian companies in US
Shocking Digits Of Indian Companies Creating Jobs In US
Indian Companies have made more than 113,000 occupations in the US and put almost $18 billion in the nation, as
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Rupee Marks The Biggest Gain In 4 Years Against US Dollar
The Indian rupee cheered the Moody’s rating upgrade, posted the biggest single-day gain in last 4 years. The rupee surged 69.63 paise or 1.06% to
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